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At a time when local regulations threaten to restrict your business, Bartition offers discreet safety partitions as a creative solution to keep your business running smoothly. We know that trust is a necessity when it comes to pleasing your customers, especially when it comes to safety. This is why we are committed to continuous innovation, ensuring that you always get the best the market has to offer. Customers have come to expect serious precautions from the establishments they visit, so whether this is your first time buying partitions or you are looking to expand your inventory, you have come to the right place.

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Above all else, Bartition is here to serve you. Our dividers are created with the primary purpose of bringing your business to its highest safe capacity, so that you are able to maximize your profits. With our level of dedication to service, it’s no surprise that our partitions accomplish this purpose, but perhaps what will surprise you is how affordable this particular mode of protection is. While some companies upsell costly equipment, Bartition sells you what you need— simple, sleek, dependable safety partitions.


At Bartition we understand that managing a business can require a great deal of flexibility, so we’ve designed our partitions to be as flexible as you are! Our products are highly adaptable as well as easy to transport, which saves you time and energy. Most importantly our design allows for easy cleaning, ensuring its primary purpose of promoting health is highly achievable.


Our product’s practical purpose is important, but we also know that it should look great too! You have committed valuable time and energy into curating your business’s atmosphere, so we’ve created safety partitions that blend seamlessly into any environment. Our transparent design is just visible enough to give your patrons a sense of peace when they enter your business, but otherwise remain largely unnoticeable. With style as classic as ours, you’ll likely want to keep these barriers up even once regulations become more relaxed.


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