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About Us

The idea for BartitionTM was born in Toledo, Ohio, and was developed as a response to help bars, taverns and restaurants conform to new state health department restrictions. Our appreciation for unwinding with delicious food and great atmospheres heavily influenced our creative energy, and our invention of a movable partition that follows safety regulations has been a labor of love.

Specifically, as empty-nesters with a particular fondness for bar-seating, our product developers saw an opportunity to fill the need for movable partitions that allow for increased capacity. No longer will you be limited by the amount of space created by socially distanced tables, but you will also be able to safely section off new areas, especially bar tops, using BartitionTM. We know how important your businesses are to your communities because we know how important they are to us, so we are here to help you increase your capacity & profits in order to keep your community happy.

To add even more to the story, our parent-company, Lockrey Manufacturing, is a 100% employee-owned business with about 70 co-owners. When Covid-19 arrived, it affected our company as well as the industries that we serve, so we also wanted to develop a product that could keep our people employed in addition serving our customers’ businesses. Unlike our competitors, we are not simply trying to sell you a product— we’ve created a movable partition that we have to trust for our own use as well. When it comes to BartitionTM you can always rest easy knowing that there are real people on this end of the purchase that depend on this product as much as you do.

And just like you, we knew the movable partition needed to be relatively inexpensive, but at the same time trustworthy enough to do the important job of keeping employees and patrons safe. Along with that, the product needed to look nice, yet unobtrusive, and to be stable, yet non-permanent and portable. So with our full-service machine and fabrications shop, top-notch design staff, and clear vision for our product, we went to work.

Within a week we had a prototype. Then, within a month had a provisional patent and trademark, until finally, after six dedicated weeks, we were in production. We are very proud of our business and our finished product. Our movable partitions pay for themselves within a week and allow bars and restaurants, as well as our own business, to flourish even in the midst of challenges.

Control your own destiny with BartitionTM today.