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Industries Served

BartitionTM was initially founded with restaurant partitions and bar dividers in mind, but ever since our seed of an idea was planted, we’ve been branching into various other areas where we see need. The great benefit of our sleek and adaptable design is that our dividers can realistically be used for a variety of purposes.

Office Partitions

One environment that our partitions have proved extremely effective within is the workplace. Office partitions slow down the spread of airborne contaminants and allow your employees to breathe easily knowing that their employment values their health and safety. By eliminating that fear, office partitions help raise morale and increase productivity in the workplace. BartitionTM trusts this method of safety with its own employees, and has seen the benefits that come along as a result.

Hair Salon Station Dividers

In addition to office partitions, BartitionTM also serves the Personal Care Industry with our hair salon station dividers. Since the beginning of the pandemic the public has been concerned with the accessibility and safety of hair salons. Since it is a close proximity service, it is vital to provide customers with the best possible protection. We believe that our product is the best available, which is why we have branched into hair salon station dividers as well.

Nail Salon Dividers

Much like our hair salon station dividers, our nail salon dividers are designed with close proximity in mind. At BartitionTM, we believe that everyday luxuries and habits, such as trips to the salon, should not be hindered by a pandemic, and neither do we believe that your business should suffer. We have taken time and care to create a nail salon divider that suits your business needs, as well as your health and safety needs, so that all of your energy can be focused on managing your business and pleasing your customers.

Restaurant Partitions & Bar Dividers

And finally, as we’ve said before, restaurant partitions and bar dividers were the direct result of BartitionTM’s initial inspiration. There will always be a special place in our hearts for the restaurants that are the backdrops for so many fond memories. We are committed to seeing even more memories made in your restaurants and bars, even if the circumstances must be altered slightly. Our partitions and bar dividers ensure that your establishment remains safe while life continues to be lived there.